3 Skin Care Treatment Tips for Achieving a Face You Will Love

skin care treatments

Life is full of challenges; whether we find ourselves tackling work tasks, navigating relationship obstacles, or struggling to find time to invest in ourselves, we tend to neglect the things that help make us feel and look better. Skincare is a vital component to our physical and emotional health; when we look amazing, we feel amazing. When we feel like we are on top of the world, the likeliness that we will face our challenges with successful outcomes is greater. And beginning with your face’s skin care is an ideal starting point.

New York City is full of med spas, skin care centers, and beauty clinics. If you live in or work near Manhattan, a great place to start would be to locate a local skin care spa that offers multiple treatments and services to help you create a face you will love. Here are three tips to achieve a youthful look with clear, glowing skin.

NYC custom facials

Custom Facials

Custom facials are an ideal way to achieve younger-looking skin and a natural, healthy glow. SkinPrologica is known throughout Manhattan as the go-to skincare spa for custom facials tailored to each client’s unique skin condition and needs. Our aestheticians sit down with patients to learn about their beauty goals and assess the face for the best facial treatment. From exfoliation, steam, chemical peels and specialty lotions, custom facials are convenient and quick. After a few sessions your face will begin to take on a youthful appearance, and you will feel amazing.

microdermabrasion treatments


If your beauty goals include softening and brightening the skin on your face while removing dead skin cells and allowing your cosmetics and current skincare products to work significantly better, microdermabrasion may be an ideal way to help you get that face you will love. Known as an exfoliating treatment, microdermabrasion uses a wand tipped with diamonds to gently remove dead skin allowing new baby-soft skin to take its place. Regular treatment keeps the pores clean and stimulates collagen growth to create tighter skin–perfect for those who also want to shrink or remove facial lines. Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular methods used by men and women to enhance their face’s own natural beauty.

photofacial care

Photorejuvenation / PhotoFacial

If your facial beauty goals include treating sun damage, removing sun spots, and eliminate lines and wrinkles, Photorejuvenation (also known as PhotoFacial) could be your best skin care treatment. Here, focused light absorbs pigment beneath the skin delivering energy to deep skin layers and superficial areas. When this happens collagen production is activated which helps improve the face’s skin texture by granting smoothness.

skincare treatments

Dedication and Patience

Getting the best results from skin care spas requires two main things: dedication and patience. Depending on the treatment best suited to reach your beauty goals, you will need to be willing to follow specialty advice from aestheticians. In some cases clients only need one or two treatments to get noticeable results. In other cases a few more treatments along with home-care products are required to get that flawless face. Regardless of the time investment and treatment type, there is a solution to meet your needs, and SkinPrologica has state-of-the art technology and white-glove service providers to truly enhance your beauty and make you feel fully renewed!

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