Non-Surgical Body Contouring


Non-surgical body contouring is a key procedure offered by SkinPrologica where non-invasive technologies like UltraShape Power and VelaShape III help clients achieve their ideal body. Our NYC body contouring spa uses state-of-the-art treatments that tighten the skin and destroy cellulite through radio frequencies and infrared technologies to tighten your tummy, sculpt your face and neck, and help reduce bra and arm fat. The treatments are virtually painless, offer significantly less risk that surgical body contouring, and many of our patients resume their normal activities right after their first treatment.

Why We Offer UltraShape Power and VelaShape III

SkinPrologica is not your typical Manhattan beauty spa; we offer beautifying, rejuvenating treatments for a special clientele who want to look and feel amazing, without the risk factors many face going under the knife. We invite you to learn about UltraShape Power body contouring, the only FDA-approved body contouring treatment opposing surgery. Many of our patients opt for UltraShape Power for its ultrasound fat-destroying technology that leaves one’s nerves, blood vessels and tissues damage-free.

We also have clients from all over New York City who undergo VelaShape III treatments for body contouring; men and women who prefer the methodology of IR and RF energies that focus on deep tissue while allowing our team to view and monitor the treatment through the device’s clear materials. VelaShape III helps people reach their beauty goals seeking a slimmer facial profile, neck, arms, and other delicate regions of the body.

*Individual results may vary.

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