5 Benefits of Micro Needling Treatment

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Getting older is a fact of life, and it’s unavoidable. But just because your driver’s license reveals your true age doesn’t mean your face has to do the same. SkinPrologica is a best skin care NYC spa known for micro needling–an anti-aging treatment that ‘Vogue’ magazine called the next big thing in age-defying beauty regiments. Micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment that involves creating hundreds of minuscule invisible puncture wounds on the skin’s surface using tiny needles through an application called micro needling, or collagen induction therapy. These little punctures stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal resulting in excess collagen production that plays a vital role into keeping your skin youthful. When it comes to anti-aging skin care treatment options, patients have several to choose from. Here are five benefits of micro needling treatment to consider in deciding which therapy is right for you.

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1. Micro Needling Helps Vanish Acne Scars

There have been multiple studies done on micro needling, and nearly all participants with acne scars reported significant improvement in the appearance of their acne scars. Depending on your skin’s condition, the size of the needle will be selected by the clinician. Most acne scar patients undergo treatment with a 1.5 mm handheld roller. Most skin care spas have needles as large as 3 mm for effectively treating acne scars that run deep into the skin.

micro needling for removing wrinkles

2. Micro Needling Aids in Removing Wrinkles

Micro needling is a great option if your beauty goals are to reduce or remove wrinkles and fine lines. As micro needling stimulates collagen growth, the collagen production finds its way into wrinkles and lines, smoothing over the face giving it a youthful glow. If you have crow’s feet, lines on the forehead, or deep wrinkles, micro needling treatment can reduce their presence with little to no downtime. In fact, most patients visiting Manhattan skin care spas will go right back to work after receiving their first micro needling treatment.

micro needling shrinks pores

3. Micro Needling is Great for Pore Shrinking

If your face has large pores, micro needling can shrink them. A significant number of first-time skin care patients assume it makes one’s pores larger due to the fact it uses needles to penetrate the skin. But in actuality, micro needling creates collagen that settles into pores, filling them, and reducing their size. SkinProLogica offers the most advanced micro needling procedures that are virtually painless leaving you looking, and feeling great.

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4. Micro Needling Enhances Beauty Product Performance

Have you noticed that your routine serum doesn’t seem to give the same impact it once did years ago? The reason is that as skin succumbs to the signs of aging, is becomes more awkwardly absorbent. One micro needling benefit is that it allows topical serums to penetrate the skin more effectively allowing one to reap in the full benefits of their expensive cosmetics. As micro needling creates scores of tiny puncture marks, these absorb products far better than clogged pores garnering better penetration.

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5. Micro Needling Can Reverse Sun Damage

One of the best ways to reverse sun damage is to receive micro needling treatments from your local NYC skin care spa. Collagen production extends far beyond reducing the signs of wrinkles; it is a popular treatment for reversing sun damaged skin. Sun damage causes brown pigmentation and facial blotchiness which lends to major discoloration. The new collagen production  combats the signs of sun damage by encouraging clear skin with a natural glow.

Is micro needling the right skin care treatment for you? Book a consultation with SkinProLogica so our experts can access your skin’s conditions, learn about your goals, and explore some innovative therapies that can help bring out your youthful beauty.

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